High School; An Epitome Of Stress & Fun.

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Hello again my dear readers wherever you might be:)

A while ago, about three days ago, I finished the dreaded national examination. Believe me when I say dreaded it means fearful and not fun at all. I called the whole six days a "HELL WEEK". Sorry, this is a little too explicit. Anyway, it sort of felt like I was going through hell for a week. Less phoning, less browsing, less youtubing, no playing the keyboard at all, no hanging out with my friends after school, not enough sleep, everything fun had to be lessened and/or stopped for a week. Now you have my reasons behind the whole "HELL WEEK" thing, let's move on.

High school. According to the Urban Dictionary website, these are two of the top three definitions of high school. Yes people, I do my research before blurting out words on here.

This is weirdly amusing me, LOL.
Not only that brief explanation, but also this simple definition got me cracking up on the floor in my room. I felt like an absolute idiot for laughing because of this. But I couldn't agree more.
Now that we've got some references, let's get to the point. Shall, we?

Just as stated above,
High school is also the place where stress of growing up and the stress of fitting in join forces to destroy even the strongest among us.
I can't completely disagree. High school is the ultimate place to find disordered lost 15-18 year-olds.  Oh, I'm not joking about that. Take me as an example and ask me about what I want in the future. I will actually freeze for a good minute before answering that. I have no clue of what to plan in the future, not the slightest. That, my friend, is terrifying sometimes.
Have you ever got into the shower and when the water finally touches your skin you start to reminisce about every part of your life? I have, if you were wondering. I have stepped into the shower initially intending to really take a shower but ended up spending a good one hour in them because my head, a lost and disoriented head of a freaking 17 year-old, decided to ponder under the pouring water. My skin was almost as wrinkly as the old people, no offense, because of all the pondering. See, what happened in the shower was I started to think about my life. My ever so confusing teenage life. I thought about the friends I know from school, how every single one of them has their own private life that not a single soul knows about. Then, the thought about graduating and going to college crept in between my already chaotic head. And somewhere along my shower time, I got too lost and too caught up in my thoughts I forgot about the time.
I'm not completely blaming high school for that. It's just... Sometimes, it can be quite difficult. You literally have to spend like nine and a half hours at school, another two at additional courses/extra activities, another two-three hours on homework at home (that is if you're lucky to have only one math exercise to do), and you're left with only three to five hours of sleep. Difficult? It needs bigger and stronger summary than just the word 'difficult'. High school students go through hours and hours of endless work like that. And to expect us to not feel the slightest depression, what are you? An idiot? Or a hopeless optimist? I'm sorry I was just a bit irritated.

Anyway, as I was saying, high school is tough in so many ways. It's hell week times 144. And I can't believe I just did some mental math--it's 4 weeks a month, 48 weeks a year, so it should be 144 weeks per three years, right? And high school comes in three years pack, right? Back to my point. Although it is hell-week-times-144, it also provides us with some of the most memorable things. Everything about high school is impossible to forget.

Let's go through some of the worst ones before the best ones.

1) Being late to class then receiving detention afterwards. Who forgets stuff like that?
2) Getting caught ditching class, having to speak with the school counselors. Who remembers this?
3) Writing down cheating codes on the desk on a test day because you overslept and didn't study the previous day. This is too hard to be forgotten.
4) Not knowing about homework, the dead lines to several assignments, a pop quiz, etc. I'm just gonna shut myself up for this one because it's too embarrassing to mock someone else while I'm here suffering from the same memory.
5) Going to the toilet to poo/pee and acknowledging that the faucet is not working. You're doomed, buddy.
6) Buying too much lunch, eating too much at school, getting caught eating in class, basically anything to do with foods at school.
7) Seniors.
8) Juniors.
9) Killer teachers with killer homework and killer math problems. Oh yeah, they're gonna corrupt your dreams and turn them into nightmares. The level of anxiety is getting real, people!
10) Spending 'that' time of the month for us girls in PE class, worrying sick if the stain will be seen through. Oh you know what I'm saying...

Oh there are plenty of other worst things I could think of but it would take so much writing space. To redeem all those embarrassing, stressful, unforgettable moments, here are some of the very best ones.

1) Going home early. Nobody at school will complain on this, unless they're a stuck-up ambitious person.
2) Hanging out with the clique after school. This technically does not happen at school, but still it has something to do with it.
3) Being challenged by the teacher to answer a question and instead of giving the plain answer, you explain every single detail and theory related to the question. Man, I can't tell you how victorious students feel about this little achievement.
4) Going on a field trip.
5) Dating someone, falling in love with someone despite the fact that you're still an unstable teenager who knows absolutely no clue about love. This one is not much of a highlight for me as you've noticed in my previous post, I clearly said that I do not date whatsoever.
6) Day-off's. It's literally little blessings in the whole 144-hell-week.
7) The sport teams, sport events, just generally fun school events. Some of the funniest, craziest, and best moments do happen in some of our school big occasions.
8) Best friends.
9) Crazy classmates and seat-mates and also group works.
10) 12th grade, in another word: SENIOR YEAR.

See, high school is not that bad at all. The good stuff just doesn't end there. You can name one pleasant thing that happened at your high school yourself. And that proves everyone that although high school is a two-word phrase for torture, it is also a two-word phrase for memory:) Where else can you find some of the craziest greatest people on Earth? Where else can you find a ditch-a-class buddy? Where else can you find the perfect epitome of stress and fun combined? Nowhere else, except high school. As much as you hate it, as tempting as it is to blow up your high school (the LOL's just won't stop), high school is what makes you you. It builds your memory and helps you live in a way that is too hard to be explained. Yes, maybe there are horrific things happening at school and maybe you don't find them epic, not gonna lie. But those moments will turn into a worth laughing pack of memories in your future. And maybe somewhere along growing up and pursuing your not-yet-discovered dreams, you'll find a piece of joy in those memories. Who knows?

So, how's your school years? How's your high school? How's your senior year? Is it pretty much the same? Is it pretty close to the definition from the Urban Dictionary? Or it's way off? Do share. Let's turn some moments into unforgettable memories:)

Thank you for reading. Stay tune!

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