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So, it's been quite a while since the last time I blogged. Somehow I kinda miss it. And here I am, redeeming my yearning for blogging after all these years.

Let me introduce myself, although I don't feel like it but DO IT FOR THE BLOG! *I highly advise you to scream that one out in the do-it-for-the-Vine tone*

I'm Yasmin Amira Hanan but I go by so many nicknames because people are just too obsessed with my name and the sound of it. Not. Call me Yasmin, Hanan, Yasmin Hanan, Yasmin, Mira, Yamira, basically any form of nickname you can create out of that sixteen-letters name. Yes, I do count the number of letters in my name. No need to judge.
I have been living on Earth for almost 18 years. I'm tremendously taken back of what I just said.

Before I continue, I just want to point out something really quick...


Okay, where were we? Ah, yeah so I'm almost 18 actually but since my birthday is in like two months I'm just gonna simplify it like that. Again, no question or judgment. I don't do sports because I hate sweating. The only sport I love to do is swimming because I don't sweat when I swim. I procrastinate so many things to the point where I will actually freak out when I find out I have a lot of stuff to do. However freaked out I'll be, I still don't find the joy of doing things in time. That makes sense because I'm always late on a lot of occasion, except school.


I've hardly been late to school and it annoys the living daylight out of me to be honest. It makes me sound like a teacher's pet or something. By the way, I have nothing against that kind of people. They just don't suit my personality.
Speaking of personality, I can't describe mine. Nobody can't. Some think that I'm too serious. Some other think that I'm too intimidating to talk to. Some close ones say I'm never quiet. But all those groups of people will definitely agree that I'm a sappy, pathetic, melancholic kind of teenage girl. This is because I'm always so on about all kinds of romantic stuff. One time, I spent like 10 hours of romantic movie marathon and I cried during most of all the movies.

I'm not at all sappy and pathetic and all that. Pftt... I'm just highly sensitive of all the cheesy lovey-dovey things, you know. A teenage girl has got to feel a little too sensitive about that topic some points in her life, right? ... I'll take that as a 'yes'.
My favorite thing to do are sleeping and being on my phone almost 24/7. I love to sleep. Sleep gives me the kind of peace the world does not provide me with. Plus, some of my dreams can be unbelievably wild sometimes. Like once, I had a dream that Justin Bieber--JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER--drove me home after school. I was one of his hardcore fans back then. And I got nightmares often about strange creatures and strange places. It's always as if I'm in a very delusional dimension with some very delusional living things. Yeah, it sends chills down my spine every time I talk about it. Just like right now. So let's quit that topic and move on, shall we?
I'm the oldest child in the family and so fortunate--kind of fortunate, to be honest--to spend 16 years of my beloved life under the same roof with my lovely--lie #1--little brother. You can clearly see why I'm naming my blog "FULL-TIME SARCASM" by now, huh? Yeah, my little brother who is not so little anymore is nothing close to lovely. If anything, he's more like a living definition of annoyance. We never not argue about the stupid little things. A TV remote for example or a pillow. However, there is no favorite-child whatsoever in this family. If you spill the water, then you're gonna clean it up no matter you're the big sister or the little brother.


Bear with me, please. But if you're bored then go leave. I'm not forcing anyone to stay and hear my ten-paragraphs introduction. Thank you for staying, though.

I'm the type of person who is just plain honest with anything. I don't sugar-coat anything meaning that if I don't like something that I won't bother faking my reaction to it. I will always say I don't like it when I don't like it. You get me, right? That is why I hate being cheated on, lied to, tricked, and all that. Pranks and surprises are my only two exceptions because you can barely prank or surprise someone without a little pinch of lies, right?
However, being honest with everything does not ease the trust issues I have with so many people. I do not trust a lot of people and I'm not planning to give away my trust to random people. Half-reserved is what I can draw out from all this description about me. The things that I'm going through, the struggles, the pain, even the breakdowns, those are the things that I have always kept to myself. So, it is quite challenging to be one of my close friends. Keep that in mind, people!

Oh, one fact about me:


I just feel the need to clear that out. But I do have a crush on someone every once in while. Which later in life will accentuate the image of a sappy, pathetic, melancholic teenage girl that people have labelled me with. Oh yeah, I have severe bad habits on drooling over a crush. I mean, what kind of teenage girl does not do that? Pfft... Of course, it's not just me. It's not, is it? Okay, screw it. I don't care. Despite having a massive crush and drooling over a guy once in a while, I don't date.
It's not completely because I'm a Muslim. My reason is simple, dating is just not for me.
Why, you ask?

One, it's pointless. Unless anyone knows you're gonna end up marrying the other person, then dating is pointless. The truth is, nobody--not even the people who are dating--knows whether they're gonna end up together or not. So, why waste your time doing something uncertain just to feel the temporary joy of it?
Two, it wastes money. Oh, I'm not being stingy whatsoever. I just find that dating is an ultimate excuse to spend money over some stupid things. Like, buying someone flowers and chocolate which one will eventually die out and the other one will melt or turn into poo when you digest it. Again, the essential of dating is nothing but temporary joy.
Three, I'm not the dating type. I don't flirt, in fact I'm almost unreachable for that matter. Even when my friends are joking about it, I just don't get it. Like it's so cheesy but not the movie kind, you know. That is why the only time I like the concept of dating is in the movies because it's not real and the ship will always sail--in other words, they will always end up together or die together. In real life, not so much.
Four, I can't deal heartbreaks. Being a sensitive girl I am, heartbreaks are just too much of a mess.
Five, it brings more harm than good to my life in general. Because then I'll have to always be full-time conscious about how I look in front of the guy so he won't take a glimpse at any other lady. My trust issues will wreck things up because I just can't deal dishonesty and uncertainty. I'm just not signing up for any of its offer, dating I mean. If you get what I mean.

So... that's about it.


I don't actually know what to put on this blog having the title as blunt as 'FULL-TIME SARCASM, PART-TIME DECENT'. I'm open for suggestion and DIY's maybe or tips or just random thoughts about random things. If this thing attracts people or if my blog somehow draws attentions in, then it's an absolutely fine thing. I mean, I started in hopes that I can do one of my resolutions before college. But if my blog will just stay like this, then I'm absolutely okay with that. I'm not in for the fame. I just really enjoy writing random thoughts on different platforms. As comforting as sleep, writing wins my heart when it comes to retrieving peace.


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