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This is a very tough post I had to make due to some recent cases on sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and all those terrible, terrible news. Before I go on, please watch the video it's really moving. The first time I found out about that video, I shared it with a group of friends because I guess that was the least I could do.

I'm not an expert on feminism and I can also say this has nothing to do with it. However, from all those news that I have heard and read it is so devastating to witness that all the victims are women. Scratch that, all the victims are young women. And guess what, all the suspects are young men. I'm not pointing out and generalizing men, not at all. The cases just happen to be like that, as much as we all don't want it to be anything like that. So, I won't bring up the "woman versus man" case here because deny it as much, it will always get a little biased.

I may not be the kindest or the most honest human being on Earth who treats everybody like royalty. But I do love to work for humanity. I do want to spread happiness, equalization, wealth, and joy to people all over the world. I want to restore people's faith in humanity, I want to provide an environment where people feel safe, respected, and comfortable because everybody is treating everybody respectfully and kindly. No discrimination, no harassment, no violence, just pure peace and kindness. And that is why I want to write something like this. This is for humanity and this is me being truthfully and nakedly decent.

Here you go...

A few weeks ago, on the way home from some place, my mom brought up some recent news. It was the "Yuyun" news. Yuyun was a middle school student whose life was probably just fine and awesome because I remember being a middle school student and having the best time of my life. Yuyun was probably having the best time of her life, too. Just like all of us when we were her age. Some of the news that I read about her case said that she just got back from school when the most tragic thing happened to her. Dia disekap dan dicegat oleh 14 orang laki-laki dalam perjalanan pulangnya. She bumped into 14 dudes and all of them ganged up on her and took her away to violate her. Apparently, all of them knew or at least live around her residence. Yuyun was raped, gang-banged (sorry for the vulgar word), by 14 young men who all knew who Yuyun was. A few of them shoved their genitals a couple of times into her and pounded her hard. The news said that Yuyun was tied with a rope so she couldn't move. Those young men also gave her massive concussion until she blacked out and choked her to death. Then they raped her until she died. Tragic? I'm not even sure that word has the ability to summarize Yuyun's death. But it doesn't stop there.
After those young men got what they wanted, they threw away Yuyun's lifeless body and only covered her with some leaves. They left her naked and dead. Her body was found two days after such a long and frustrating search done by both of her parents and the people in her village. I don't even want to try describing how her parents must have felt when they found their daughter's lifeless body on the ground with just leaves covering her nakedness. I could already imagine every bit of emotion they felt. All the sad, frustrated, angry emotions... I don't even want to put it into words. And sorry can never represent my condolences for the both of them. Saya bahkan tidak sanggup membayangkan bagaimana reaksi kedua orangtua Yuyun saat menemukan jasad anaknya yang terbaring tak bernyawa.

Like I said, Yuyun could've lived a happier life. I mean, she was a fine middle school girl with so much things ahead of her. She could've gone after her biggest dreams. She could've gotten home with no wounds or scratches. She could've told her parents how much she loves them. She could've been the young girl we used to be years ago if those 14 young men weren't there, if those young men weren't there taking away her life and her future. She could've been fine and alive. Her mother could've cooked her another breakfast the next morning. Her father could've given her some money the next morning for her to spend at school. Her family could've been just like every other happy family if those 14 young men didn't do what they did. But they did and Yuyun could never be like she ever would want herself to be. It's sad, right? And I blame those heartless, mindless young men for taking away everything Yuyun could've been and should've been. I blame them for murdering such an innocent young lady. I blame them for not behaving like humans should, for acting like animals, for being such cold-blooded predators.

This is why I want to point out that we all are messed up. With things like that happening in our society, we can never frame a peaceful picture of all humans hand-in-hand providing each other's respect and safety. Because of what those young men did, it is actually not surprising if women become more afraid of men, if women feel even more violated by men, if women feel insecure every time they walk outside of their houses because the streets are full of men with different intentions to towards them. Even though most of nowadays men are sweet and nice, the picture is still breaking every time news and cases like this one come up to the surface. Even though men are also taking important parts on spreading this awareness, people are still so used to all the hideous things like that. Because of what those young men did to that young girl, things changed. Not into some good things but things changed into some even worse things.

I'm not blaming all the men. It's like blaming the innocent for something they didn't even do. It's stupid if I say I blame all the men for not educating each other to not become some kind of predators. It's not all men's fault that things like that happen. It's just those 14 young men's fault, the dudes who did it. I just want them to get what they deserve. I want them to feel the hurt and the pain Yuyun felt when they did what they did to her. It may not sound so much like 'justice' but it's the closest thing justice can do to teach them some lessons. An eye for an eye. They've taken not just purity but life away from an innocent young girl, why not take theirs?

What about their human rights?

They weren't acting like humans at all when they did what they did. They turned into hungry predators, wild animals when they did the most tragic thing to Yuyun. So, why bringing up human rights? They've stepped on her rights as a human, they've taken away her life for God's sake. So, why bringing up their human rights? Oh, because they're under age? Really? Their age defines justice?
So, let me get this straight... If you're 15 years old and happen to rape somebody until that somebody die, you're allowed to have a fine life without a death sentence as your consequences? Alright, if you're 15 years old and you kill somebody by sexually abusing them, you get to walk away with just years of prison which may not give you any deterrent effect later after being freed from imprisonment? Jadi, kalau anak umur 15 tahun masih di bawah umur dan melakukan tindak kejahatan sampai merenggut nyawa orang lain, hukuman baginya dapat diringankan karena dia masih di bawah umur? I thought justice was supposed to be a fair call. You get what you give and if you give crap you deserve some crap back. I thought it was supposed to be like that.
I'm a new prospective student in the Faculty of Law. I'll be studying the law, justice, and all those good stuff for the next 4 years of my life. I may have yet to become an expert on all of those things but as far as I know, justice is simple. It is never defined by your age, your gender, your skin color, your genetics. And I want justice to fully decide what sanctions those young men must face. Don't bring up things like human rights. Most of us barely even know what it is and how we should treat it, let alone using it as a kind of shield to not do justice. And I'm sorry if I'm being a little too provocative on this subject because I'm so mad and just entirely devastated by our lack of respect and humanity and our injustice actions.


Anyway, the "Yuyun" case gradually died down. It is not yet over, people are still investigating and spreading awareness and whatnot. However, as if it wasn't already hectic and chaotic enough, another case came up. The "Eno" case. This one, I can't even look at the X-ray proof of what another bastards (apology for my language) did. And as if women are stimulated to get even more afraid of men, the victim happened to be another young woman...AGAIN! What is it with our society? And guess what, it is another raping-and-murdering case. I'm not even going to recount the story of Eno, you can just search it up online if you're not so ignorant. Please, do search it up and read some.

I am so overly mad right now I can actually curse. But I'll try to stay calm and content... Although it's extremely hard.

I came across the news on my own. The pictures of that X-ray proof were spread on every social media platforms I'm on. Heck, it can even be found somewhere on instagram. Yet people are still so heartless to feel like they need to recharge their humanity. Wake the fck up, guys! Stop this several-young-man-raping-and-murdering-young-girls crimes! STOP IT! Don't make it as a new trend!

Look at all those pictures of Yuyun and Eno, start thinking. We need to stop things like this for repetitively happening. Educate our morals as humans and live like humans. Stop being like wild animals who are constantly hungry for blood. Stop being ignorant and start taking action. Start caring, start being human again. Don't make women become even more afraid of men, don't push us until all we see in men are predators' eyes. Don't go there, I'm so sure it won't be a beautiful and peaceful world to live in. Start respecting each other. Start thinking straight. And again, let's educate our morals.
Look what we've done to Eno and Yuyun. It's a little bit of our faults for not teaching those young men some moral lessons. It's a little bit of our faults for showing inappropriate things on TVs that later affect how they behave. It's a little bit of our faults for being so difficult to act just. But for most of it, it's those young men's fault for making our society look even more chaotic than it already was. Where is humanity? Where are all the humans who care? Are we gonna have to wait for another young victim to die for us to take some massive action? Are we gonna wait until our own blood gets to taste what it's like in their position? Is that what we really want? No, it is not. So, please... Stop this raping-murdering trend and start giving them the consequences they deserve!

I'm so sorry for going crazy like that. I'm just so pissed off by all of us, by myself for not doing anything significant to support the victims or at least the victims' family. I do care, I care a lot. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands more cases just like these two all over the world and I'm overly disappointed at how little my action is in helping them. We all need some moral education. We all need some education on how to respect and protect each other. We all need to clean some mess in our society. We all need to get rid of everything that isn't bringing any good in this world and start turning this world into a better place. We all need to feel and restore our faith in humanity. Spread love and kindness, not crimes and injustice. Teach our children something valuable that they can pass on to their children and the generations after them. Stop promoting pornographic content anywhere that children can watch. It affects them, especially if they're still so young. Stop promoting abusive behaviors on TVs or any other media for our generations to enjoy. Those are not the things we want them to learn from. Stop promoting crimes and murders and wars in all platforms! Stop indoctrinating young girls to be constantly scared of boys and men. They have brothers and fathers to love and if we can't show them that not all men are bastards (sorry again for the language) they won't be able to have that knights-in-shining-armor figures that every little girl needs in their life. Stop acting stupid and start thinking before you do or say anything:) And start contemplating on how much human you've been and how kind you've been to everything on Earth as a human. Maybe then we can all live side by side without having such scary issues like these.

I'm not here to put all of us in hot seats. I'm just trying to reach some hands to hold so that we can all come together to see and help out some other people. It's frustrating and tiring for everything in me to witness two very hideous kinds of crimes happening nearly at the same time. I still have hope for justice to be enforced, hope for humanity to be restored. And if people can't do it, I want to be the hope that the very minority of us have inside our hearts to still do good things and be kind to everyone and everything. And I choose to help the people who are victimized. I demand the very just to hit those cruel bastards (I'm sorry for the millionth times...) in the head to make them learn their lesson and I don't mind any death penalties for all of them.

Sorry for such rage. I tried to be calm and content at first but somewhere along writing this, I started to feel deeply touched and emotional. It was as if their stories could actually happen to any of my friends or family or even myself. I'm scared, I'm not going to lie. I'm scared of those two cases and it's feeding my trust issues with some fresh fleshes. But I'm even more terrified of our society in general. However I still have hope that somewhere deep inside of everyone, there still lies some good intentions and initiatives to make this world a safer, a better, and a less cruel place to live side by side in. Thank you for reading and being not so ignorant. We all need each other's help and I need your help to stop cases like these ones from happening:) In fact, I need all of you to stop any criminal cases from happening again:) Let's be kind and spread the love:)

See you on my next blog post!

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