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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. -Winston S. Churchill
Hi, readers!
Just so you know, I'm currently smiling from ear to ear because I've just received some really great things in the mail!


Ah! I feel like shouting because I just can't contain my burning happiness inside! Oh my God! After all these doomed days of waiting, I finally got the chance to kiss my own book. The book that I wrote. It may not be my first book but it is indeed my first 'romantic' book. See, the sappy little me is currently screaming at the top of my lungs right now. No, scratch that... It's squealing like a little mouse.


Yeah, so since I'm currently happy right now no sarcasm is needed. You should all be very thankful for that. If it wasn't because of the mail I got this afternoon, I would have sucked the living out of your fine Saturday. Oh, speaking of Saturday, it's the dreaded malam minggu that every single person seemed to be afraid of. Well, exclude me from that. I'm happy and content on such a fine Saturday night. That is the first!
Before I get to my point, I would love to chat a little bit. You know, to tease a little bit because so many of people are still commenting on my post on LINE begging me to give them one of the copies. Yeah, I may not be full-on sarcastic but I can tease people to the point where they can potentially hate my being. But I won't go that far, though. I need you to read my lovely books:)

Alright, so let's chat a bit...

I was gonna go have a meet-up with some old friends this afternoon. But it rained so I told them I couldn't go. To dismiss my boredom and laziness at home, I washed my face and did some make-up. Yeah, yeah... I'm a teenage girl and you people know that I will get to that point sometimes in life. So, anyway I did my make-up. And oh my God, let me just tell you that my eyeliner was so on point.
See, I'm not one of those girls who need to do their brows. My brows are completely fine and full, they're luckily identical twins so I'm blessed for that. But my eyes though... They're gone and uneven if I don't put some liner on them. So, I did my eyes and I was happy about it. I could say I looked pretty close to the definition of the word decent. And like other girls, I would go all VSCO on those selfies and made them as my profile pictures. Yeah, that was my afternoon. Pretty interesting, huh? Just say yes and let me be happy:)
Another thing that I did was asked my Mbak to cook some of crispy shrimps and pergedel. She did and I had that for lunch. I'm currently failing my diet but what the heck. Now I'm craving for some pizza and my brother told me to order a box of pizza for our dinner. Since I didn't go out with my friends because it rained, ugh, I got some money to buy me and my brother some pizza. I'm currently waiting for them pizzas to arrive at any minute:) Pizza is love, people!

That's enough of some chit-chats. Let's get to the real thing, shall we? We shall...


So I'm doing a giveaway. I'm giving four very very original copies of my new books to some lucky winners. The rules are simple...

Follow this dare!

1. Buy a chocolate candy, any kind of chocolate snacks (Kit-Kat, Silverqueen, Dairy Milk, etc.)
2. Melt them and pour the melted chocolate into a plate or any other platter.
3. Create a heart shape figure on it and freeze that heart-shaped melted chocolate for a couple of hours.
4. Get them out of the freezer once they're frozen and take a picture of you biting that piece of heaven and upload it on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
5. Tag me on your picture and give the picture this hashtag:

6. I'll choose the 4 sweetest pictures and I'll message, dm, or inbox you for your address:) Good luck! All my links are down below.

This is my facebook:

This is my twitter:

And this is my instagram:

Don't forget to tag me on your picture and give the picture the hashtag I told you about! I'll be announcing the winners on MAY 14th 2016 on another blog post, on my Facebook account, and on my Twitter account. #iLoveMeSomeBrownieDays

So, join the hashtag and get hyped! I'm only picking four lucky winners for the giveaway. The novels that I'm going to give will be signed by me and I'll write a cute memo maybe or something else I'll think about while you do the challenge:)

I'm signing off! Looking forward to be tagged in those pictures! My pizza is here, people! Bye! See ya in my next post!

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  1. Aw! How exciting it is! And I'm so excited, kk Yasmin.

    I honestly wanna join the GA, wish I got time to follow this dare stuff... It's been really a tough and busy week for me, many deadlines must be done asap.

    I'll let you now when I could join the GA by tagging you of course.

    Wish you luck and may Allah always bless you, sweetie pie.

    Aunt Zia

    1. Thank you Tante:)
      I really hope you can join the hype and maybe win some pretty awesome copies of my newest book:) Good luck with all that business hehehe
      Thank you so much:)

  2. Hai kak Yasmin! I'm so excited to join your giveaway! (LOL I've never joined any giveaways before). By the way, when is the deadline? Is it also on May 14th? x

    1. P.S. Our middle name is same! *high five!*

    2. Yes, the dead line is on May 14th and you should really be excited because if you win you'll receive a signed copy of my newest novel:) So, give it your best:)
      *high five*