Happy National Education Day!

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Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself. -John Dewey.

A very special post for a very special day!

Happy National Education Day!

Talking about education, we all know what it is. You can look it up in any dictionaries. So, we're not going to waste our time restating the explanation. What I'm going to ask you is, what is education to you? Let that sink in your head...

To me, education is a form of hope. Why do I say so? Because we're living in a world where we barely respect each other, a world where if people are given a chance to step on each other's foot they'll immediately do it, a world where quantities are still being praised more than qualities. That is where education needs to make its way in. To cure the disrespectful and to boost our qualities as a mega society.

Education is an important part of living as a human being. Being educated makes us as humans knows what to and not to do. It stimulates our brain cells to think about things, to give meanings to things, and to analyze strange new things. Do you remember the time somewhere in middle school or probably primary school when your teacher told you about 'gravity'? I bet you do. It's amazing to think that an apple could change millions of humans' generations' lives.
We've continuously learned new facts about science. My favorite one, still one of the favorites even
after all these years, is the concept of atoms. How it is explained as the tiniest particle of a substance. It's there but only the curious can really see. The rest of us are here left with only the ability to believe. It's intriguing to think that an atom consists of protons (the positive charge), neutrons (the neutral one), and of course electrons (the negative charge). They live side by side, attracting each other and keeping just the perfect distance to not collide and explode within seconds. It's pretty much like life and all of us. Some of us are drawn to each other's companies or maybe thoughts, some others disagree with numerous of different rational reasons, some just sit there watching the two sides either fighting with each other or enjoying each other's presence. We, people, are more or less live like the inside of an atom and up until these days I'm still so highly interested in finding new facts about an atom.
See, that is why education needs to exist. Because, although those algebra equations or those trigonometry problems may mean nothing to our lives, it gives us different understandings. It's not always about being able to find answers to certain problems but how we manage to go through the process, what we pick up from all its process. That is what education provides us. The beauty of process. Sometimes the end result does not matter so much. If it ends well, sure it can cheer the soul and pay our hard works. But what if it doesn't? What if we must go through a hell of so many obstacles not to find a much better ending but to understand that sometimes it's the process that counts.
We may have the tendency to give up halfway. But that's where we must learn. You'll find it hard to continue educating yourself and decide to just go with what you already have when actually you're just two more steps away from success. Education teaches us that you must always love the process of learning, the joy of finding the perfect answers, the excitement of discovering new theories, the pride of being acknowledged of something you've done greatly. Education is not just about how high your score is in some math tests or how much you understand the graphic of demands and supplies in economy. It's about appreciating your own thoughts and your own capability. It's about giving credits for your mind after helping you out on so many others things rather than just physics problems. Education is more than your grades, it's always more than passing high schools, it's always more than being a teacher's pet, it's always more than being the number one in class. Education leads you to greater things and sometimes greater things don't really need awesome attendances or unbelievable biology scores. Sometimes it just needs your passion.

I had the chance to teach some elementary school kids back before year 12. It was on a fasting month, Ramadan as we all may call it. The program was designed for all year 12 students before school started. So, we went to one of the elementary schools near our high school. Since going to my school already needed about 30 minutes or so, going to the school I was gonna teach im took about an hour and a half. But that didn't quiet down my excitement to teach the kids.
We had a little brief meeting on the first day, all of the year 12 students spoke with the headmaster of the school and divided ourselves into teams of four. Then, we started the real teaching the next day. We were told to just do some cool activities with the kids, maybe some educating games, probably some creative works. We weren't sent there to teach some math or some other lessons. We were there to teach the kids about the fun side of going to school. And we did what we were told to do. It was so much fun and one of them gave me a bracelet before the week ended. It was nothing fancy just a handmade bracelet, one that you can actually do a DIY video about. But the kids were awesome and energetic. We may had some troubles quieting them down once in a while. But I learned a lot about little kids through a week of teaching them. When we went inside the room, we saw eagerness equally spread in those eyes. I personally saw strong wills to study and have fun in class. That made my inside lighted up with joy and I was touched by their passion to participate in all the activities my friends and I had for them.
Having to have such an amazing experience teaching, I would love to do it again someday. Maybe form a group of friends in college and occasionally go to some schools to do fun activities or some educating games. That will definitely be in my bucket list and I think I'm actually gonna do it once I'm settled in college. I'll make some times to make my wish come true. I love learning and there's no better way to embrace my burning passion other than sharing it with other people, with future generations.

Being almost done with school and becoming a college student in just a few months, learning has not always been easy. Our educational system is crooked in so many ways. It's been imperfect, I may even say it's so close to disaster, and I've been having such a hard time going through 12 years of its dreaded program. It was all about the grades, the final results. It was always about becoming number one in math, number one in chemistry, number one in geography, number one in every lesson. It was always about being sickly ambitious that some students would actually do horrible stuff to themselves even others. And I was always one of those determined idiots-in-disguise until high school happened. I was always so ambitious about becoming great and proud of myself. I was always enjoying the moment of being on top of everyone else's achievement. I was always so full of myself until high school happened. I learned that I was too caught up in this crooked system that I became a part of them. I became as crooked as them and I lost the true essential of learning and education. I ended up cursing at the system for the rest of high school, gradually learning to hold it back but managed to fail every once in a while.

Yes, our educational system has yet to be one of the best. Pointing at its flaws won't bring it any closer to being the best either. Accept that it has too many wrong things and promise yourself that you'll become something beyond its torture. Don't whine about it because there are already too many people complaining without giving solutions. See my point, idiots-in-disguise. They complain about the system being so wrong and unhealthy for our generations yet they do absolutely nothing and in fact enjoy everything that the system throws at them. Make a massive movement. Change it. Change it into something you would want for your future, into something you wouldn't hate. Make a difference and don't just sit around complaining about it. And please, don't lose your true intention in learning and gaining knowledge. It's okay to be ambitious about your dreams and about greatness but don't turn everyone else's ambition down just to get yours high up there. Support each other and spread the true joy of learning new things, discovering new facts. If you're really sick and tired of this messed up system then join me to change it into something better. Something we would want our kids to go through. We need each other united because if we, ourselves, lose our true intentions in learning and educating ourselves we may not even have the power to make this system better.

So yeah, education is hope and we as the people with high educations are the agents of hope. Spread it around. Share it. Giving does not make you poor. Make a significant differences on our generations if you really wanna do great things. Don't just bring up the wrong things and sit around doing nothing to change it. That thing is so decades ago. That thing is our older generations job to do.

And yes, I can't wait to get to college. People promise me some really good challenges in there. New stuff, new lifestyles, new sets of friends, new pattern of education, new discoveries, new spaces to roam, new everything. Just as I like it :)

And as usual, what is education to you? What do you think of our educational system? What will you do to change it? What do you have to say to our generation about it? What do you have in mind? What kind of things do you like to learn? What is your true intention in learning? Answer it to yourself and keep repeating those answers so that you have something you can hold on to. My point is, wherever knowledge takes you in life it will always be a good place. There's no such thing as stupidity. Everyone is capable of doing something great because everyone is indeed blessed with a brain to use. The problem is are they gonna put all of that into waste and become just another ordinary part of the world or are they gonna use it as a secret weapon to become that shining extraordinary part of this world? Your choice.

Happy National Education Day!

Blogger's note:
I'm so sorry for pending this post. I know I posted it late because I didn't feel like posting yesterday. But anyway, enjoy reading it and if you don't agree with some of the things I said, you can always share your opinions. I'm open to any type of discussion surrounding this topic. See you in my next post!

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