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First of all, I'm tremendously sorry for not updating about who's winning the #iLoveMeSomeBrownieDays giveaway and I'm also sorry for not posting for so long:) It has been quite a hectic week for me. I have some changes for the challenge since everyone was saying that it was too hard. But, I've got one winner so far and I still have three books left. The new rules will be informed down below:) Keep reading!

Where should I start?

It was the 9th of May when everything started to get nerve-wrecking. I received the national examination score on the 7th and expected the SNMPTN (search it up on google if you didn't know) on the 9th. My mom was nervous, I was on the edge of breaking down but somehow although the result didn't really meet up my high expectation I wasn't crying so much.
Anyway, about a week ago, incredible things happened. I didn't get accepted to the college I applied to. Why is that incredible? Because, if I did get in I would've probably lost the chance to get in to the international class. It's a long story and I'm gonna tell you all about it.
I had applied for both the regular class and the international class in Universitas Indonesia. I picked the same major for both and I expected the best from both. How unbelievably unrealistic was I. Haha... So, yeah. I waited for about a month or so for the announcement. The regular class announced it a week earlier than the international class. Since the selection for the regular class was joined by approximately a few good thousands of people, I was not really hopeful. To me, it was all about relying on our luck and how much of a saint we've been to Allah swt. The second point is important but somehow contradicted itself. I'll get to that soon. So, it was all about luck. What are the odds that you get to win a spot in the major that's desired by so many people? I knew my luck was undependable and I knew that whatever mechanism they used to select those people is so confidential (heck, only God knew what they did...). But being an unrealistic hopeful person I was, I still believed in whatever luck I had left. It turned out disappointing. But somehow I didn't grieve like most people did. I didn't got accepted. I was not lucky.
It didn't hurt that much at the beginning because I knew that I was not the only one receiving the same bad news. There were probably hundreds more people like me who didn't get what they'd hoped for. Moments later, the pain started to kick in. I realized that rejection really does hurt. Like hell. I wrote this long explanation on "there are so many ways to go to Rome" the ever so famous analogy for not giving up and finding other ways to achieve success. Oh yeah, I went the classic way while deep inside I was so overly disappointed. There are so many ways to go to Rome, let me tell you. But somehow I want the fastest and easiest way to get there because I hate disappointments and I hate rejections so much. I'll freaking do whatever it takes to get there by the easiest way. And that night, I could only cheer myself up because anything else felt like it wouldn't do any help. I mean, the amount of supports that everyone had sent me that night still didn't ease the pain. I was never keen on rejection and disappointment so facing this kind of thing was considered new to me. Especially if it was about my future...
The grieve only lasted for a night. The next morning, I got up and got over it. I thought to myself and actually forced myself to get it all together and stop being so gloomy about the whole rejection thing. I promised myself to stay calm and motivated for whatever else that was coming my way. And I kind of did.
The past week, all I did was pray (ask for Allah's gracious help) and study my butt off. I wanted to redeem that disappointments with whatever motivation I had left. And somewhere along begging Allah at 4 am in the morning, I found a sense of peace. I believed that everything happened for a reason, including this harsh rejection. It was mostly based on luck. Even if the people who got in prayed longer than we who didn't, Allah is another name for justice. Allah listens to every prayer and Allah does justice to everyone. Allah treats every person who worships the same way and Allah gives just the right thing to everyone whose intention is pure. It's not so much about who've been praying the longest and what kind of people prayed for me, I guess. It was mostly luck and Allah's way of putting people in the places they were meant to. I accepted that particular fact and began to fully let Allah do the incredibly justice. I knew Allah had something great for me and I believed it.
To those people who were lucky enough to pass, congratulations. It's Allah's gift and your luck being tremendously victorious over some others'. To those people who faced the same rejection as I did, it wasn't ours. Allah knew it wasn't ours and wanted us to believe in Allah's plan a lot more. There will be greater ways, bigger entrance for us, wider windows for us to open. We just need to seek Allah.
So, everything changed on May 16th 2016.
If I say I was the happiest person on Earth, it would've been an understatement. I was more than happy to find this on my result page. Alhamdulillah, because of so many people's wishes and prayers for me and the freaking harsh rejection and disappointment I had to face earlier that week, I got in. I got accepted in the international class program. I got accepted as a prospective new student in the Faculty of Law in Universitas Indonesia.
I believe that was Allah's way of showing me that acceptance, believing, and being patient matter. Allah always has greater plan. The moment we think it's best for us, whatever it is, it's the moment Allah may or may not say so. So, as much as you should trust yourself, you should also believe in God.
I am grateful for the result. It was as if I was made for it. Maybe SNMPTN was never really my gate to success. Maybe this one is. But whichever it is, I promise I won't take it for granted. I am utterly thankful and grateful for every support everyone has showered me with. They all are the best people, especially my parents. They have been there supporting me since the first time I made my decision. My best friends who are still fighting for the best, you guys will make it through and I hope this year will be our year to enter our desired colleges together. I'll definitely see you on top. My teachers, every one of my mom's friends, Kak Amanda (my soon-to-be senior in FHUI, hehe), Bagas (the person who kept me at ease 30 minutes before the announcement), basically everyone who willingly wished me the best. Allah listens and I am so grateful for all of you:)
Oh, crap... my eyes are watery:')
I'm just so happy to have been blessed with such wonderful people who are so supportive and kind. And I hope all those best wishes for me will bring back lots of good things also. Aamiin Yaa Rabb... 

And I'm officially accepted as a prospective new student in Universitas Indonesia. I'll be studying law for the next four years and I am hoping that I'll make it through and I'll make it through greatly. Aamiin Yaa Rabb...

The amount of supports from everyone amazes me so much. Thank you, I'm so grateful for all of your kindness:)

For the #iLoveMeSomeBrownieDays challenge...
I've got some feedback that the previous challenge was too hard. Haha... Alright people, I'm gonna ease it up for you guys. But I already got one winner from the previous one. He's such a sweetheart. Here he is...


So, here are the requirement for the next giveaway challenge:



#iLoveMeSomeBrownieDays @Yasmin_Hanan 1
#iLoveMeSomeBrownieDays @Yasmin_Hanan 2
and so on..

Easy, eh? So, the challenge is more open and easier now. I really hope a lot more people would participate. Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your supports. I would've never gotten this far in life without any one of your supports and wishes:)
The next winner will be announced after May 31st due to my hectic campus preparation. And, I'll be sending the previous winner the copy of my new novel also after the 31st of May. Congratulations!

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