Books, Coffee, And Goodbyes...

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Hello, loves:)

It's been quite a while since my last update. I have been suffering from something super serious as a blogger and a writer which is a writer's block. It's a severe condition where I have nothing in mind to write or blog about. It's been quite a pain because I may say I have nothing in mind to write about but frankly my mind never really gets quiet. I guess I just have too much thoughts that not even a single word can ease its way out.

Anyway, here I am battling against my loss of ideas. I'm really sorry if this post ends up sounding like some piece of random craps. My head just does not know when or where to throw up sometimes.

I got back from Medan on July 10th, such a fine and delightful Sunday. Let me tell you how traffic-free Jakarta was. OH. MY. GOD. ALLAHUAKBAR. Jakarta was so fresh and quiet for a day that I couldn't stop cheering. It only took the Uber driver about 30 minutes from the airport to my dad's office. We picked up our car that we previously parked in my dad's office. Our way home only took about 25-30 minutes. It was so freaking fast and enjoyable without all the hassles and troubles. I really wish Eid would last like six months or something for Jakarta to be less hectic and more friendly. Hahaha...

Remember that coffee shop my uncle currently working on? You can read it here on my previous blog post.

So, before we headed back to Jakarta we paid our visit to his coffee shop. Oh and it was not a pleasant drive due to the hideous smell of durians. My family--possibly every single one of them, whether they suffer from hypertension or not--LOVES durians. They all are massive fans of durians. I might as well say that they are devoted for durians. Durians and them are the true definition of love at first sight--even if there is no such a thing as love at first sight. Alright... I think you've already understood my point. *Virtually sighing...*

We went to Durian Ucok somewhere in Medan. It's a heaven made of durians, founded by a Medanese (this is a made-up term for Medan residents). Durian Ucok is the perfect place for all you durian lovers. Ranging from ice-creams to the actual fruits, Durian Ucok has made quite a big hit. If I'm not mistaken I saw a picture of our formal president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono paying his visit there. Holy cheese, even our formal president loves durians. Medan really does own the best cultivated durians. Anyway, we went there and bought some for my beloved family.

My brother and I was sitting on the back seat of the car, the closest seats to the trunk. The durians were put in the trunk. Before I get extremely mad, I just want to tell you that I am what they call the divergent in the whole family. Well, maybe my brother too. We. Hate. Durians. From the very bottom of our precious hearts, souls, and lungs. Why lungs? This is what happened. My dad got the durians, he opened the trunk, he put it there. From the radius of a couple of meters, I could already smell that hideous smell of durians. I wanted to throw up so bad but hey, my beloved family loves durians more than they love my precious lungs and respiratory system:') I might as well be replaced by durians, I guess. And yeah, so my dad put those smelly pointy fruits in the trunk which was just behind the back seat of our rented car.

You have never suffered from pain until you're a hardcore anti-durian forced to sit near real life durians. People, THAT IS PAIN. We had to spent like a 20 minute drive from Durian Ucok to my uncle's coffee shop with my brother and I having quite some hard times inhaling fresh air because the air in the car was completely filled with the smell of durians. My brother went from sitting up straight and manly to crouching on the back seat because he couldn't help but gagged. Me on the other hand, I went from having a huge urge to throw up to holding my breath for like 30 seconds every two minutes. We wanted to throw up so bad that once we arrived we immediately ran inside the house and ignored our beloved family and their loves of durians and the freaking durians themselves. My brother and I got inside the house and we drank cups of waters to vanish the remaining smell of those hideous scented durians.

So, I hate durians.

And I just got distracted. What I actually wanted to tell you was the coffees in my uncle's coffee shop.

The shop is small and still under some decorating process. There were a mini bar with a coffee machine placed on the near end of the inside of the bar where he made the coffee. The coffee beans were placed inside a grande sized jar and once you screwed open the lid, you would seriously fall in love in an instant. Because I did.

I'm not a fan of coffee due to my acute stomach ulcer. I was told that caffeine would make your stomach hurt. And that is why I'm not a massive fan of coffee. However, I love the smell of coffee. Different from durians, coffee has a heavenly smell. I opened the lid of the jar and took some beans in my hands. The smell, even if they were still a few inches away from me, was already giving away all of its calmness. Something about coffee makes you calm and relaxed, right? So, I ordered a cup of latte. I wanted to order a black coffee but I was afraid it would do my stomach the damage I wouldn't want to suffer. So, I went easy and ordered a cup of latte.

And I fell in love. It was one of the greatest happy ever after moments.

Okay, I'm joking.

The latte tasted like a latte, obviously. But I became an instant coffee lover just by the first sip. Although it burnt my tongue, the taste was amazing. AMAZING. I finished it. But I did not stop there. I was curious about the other types of coffee, especially a cappuccino. So, I ordered a cup of cappucino.

And even if it's always been nearly impossible to fall in love twice, I still fell in love. The cappuccino was good.

But I couldn't finish it without some sprinkles of sugar. I was so wrong to put sugar in a cappuccino. My uncle told me not to because it would actually ruin the whole coffee. I was so stubborn so I continued pouring some sugar into the cup. And yep, the amazing taste of the cappuccino was gone in just split seconds. It slowly began to taste like an acidic solution. I couldn't finish it all the way. However, it was still one of the most fantastic experience I've ever had with coffees.

Something about coffee resembles life. To be honest, it's not one of the pretties things to look at. The beans don't taste as good as the drinks. But the process of making it, the desire to drink one, and even the smell of it give us a glimpse of hope, an energy to stay strong, and calmness. Coffee resembles life in a way that can not be described perfectly. Life does not seem like one of the most enjoyable things, right? Like coffee. Not a lot of people enjoy coffee. Nonetheless, we still love every process of living, conquering one, and even dying for one. Every coffee provides us with the relaxation, hopes, and calmness we desperately need. Whereas life always provides us with friends, family, second chances, tomorrows, and even time to take a deep breath and enjoy some coffee.

My uncle told me to drink coffee the right way in order to become a true lover of it. Drink it when it's still hot and bitter. Let it burn your tongue for you know sometimes the best things in life can also hurt. Enjoy it the moment you've got the chance. Don't sprinkle too much sugar because like life too much sweets can kill. Well, at least they give you diabetes. Enjoy it as raw and authentic as it is. Like life, coffee is a lot like a best friend of yours when its bitter and burning. And sometimes life gives you the best when bitter things occur and fire happens. Like coffee...


Anyway, now that I'm back in Jakarta--okay, bekasi--I'm ready to waste my time at home doing the most boring things a prospective college student in-waiting can do. The sarcasm is too real, I can't even.

Just yesterday, my mom and I accompanied my brother to buy some marvel comics in PIM. If you're not familiar with PIM, it's Pondok Indah Mall. It took us quite a long drive to get there because Jakarta is back with its traffic. "Damn Jakarta, back at it again with the traffic..." You can literally say that with that 'Damn Daniel' intonation. Hahaha... Yeah, so we went to PIM.

I am a hardcore fan of books. Young adult. I don't really find Sci-Fi that enjoyable. As you can see I suck at finding inspirations because my imagination is not as wild and expanded as those fiction novelists. But I'm down to read it every once in a while when I'm in the mood to read some from that genre. So, we went to the bookstore and purchased a lot of books. My brother spent quite an amount of money on 8-10 Marvel and also DC comics. I, on the other side, spent a logical amount of money on two books. One was Sarah Dessen's 'The Moon & More' and the other one was 'A World Without Islam' by Graham E. Fuller. We roamed around the store for one hour and headed to the cinema to watch a movie.

This is my expression of falling in love...

I think writers and books are the perfect epitome of soulmates. They don't just complete each other but they also compliment one another with words that are beautifully put together. I think soulmates are like that. They don't need to complete each other anymore because they already are remarkable pieces of creation. Soulmates have to compliment each other's existence and appreciate their ability to make each other drawn into one another. Books and writers have that unbreakable bond that I think soulmates must have too. It's an instant deep connection. I mean, being a writer myself I do find books super appealing. I love words and I love how books contain lots of them. It brings me to places the mind can never be able to reach. And to books, writers are people who make them immortal. Both give each other power to survive the long run, the long years, the dry summers, the stormy winters. Soulmates are supposed to be like writers and books; unbreakable bonds that are there until time comes.

Speaking of the coming of time, this is actually one of the many things I have in mind that I've been having a hard time writing about. Goodbyes.

Freshmen orientations will start soon and every one of my closest friends are already stuffing their new living place near campus. Some of them move to another city, some other move to the same city as I am, some stay and still are trying to get their applications accepted, and a couple of people will continue to study abroad for college. Everyone has been in different states of hustles lately. And sooner or later everyone will start saying real goodbyes to me and to each other.

Like this afternoon for example. I was asked to hangout with some of my closest friends. We went to watch a movie. We did what we could in a mall. I was pretty aware that this hangout could just be our last before each of us heads to different colleges, different cities. Then, worsening the situation, one of my best friends Serena sent me and Erin a message in our chatting group saying that she just got herself a new place to stay near her campus and she freaking wished us good luck. But the way I see it, it was more like a goodbye than a good luck.

It hit me. We--my school friends, my best friends, and I--are just a few days or maybe a few weeks away from our first day of college. We're going to be separated in different cities, different campuses with different goals, different and new friends to hangout with. It's sad to think about but also quite intriguing. Something great awaits all of us in the nearest future. Sometimes, saying goodbye to a certain part of life really does mean saying hello to another. And maybe this is one of those goodbyes/hellos.

I don't know whether we can still see each other as frequent as this in the next four to ten years but I do know that I never want or dream of this friendship to end. I want it to last for as long as we can make it last, until one of us is finally ready to pass onto the next 'life'. My wish for all of you is to make all of your dreams come true because I promise you I'll do the same thing. Good luck, loves. See you on top!

Thank you for reading. See you on my next post!

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