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The human body is the best work of art. -Jess C. Scott.
Hello, loves:)

How's life? I really hope it's going amazing because mine sure does. What I want to talk about today is I guess a matter that is not easy to be shaken off. It's something we all have felt about ourselves. No matter how old you are, be it 15 or 50, I know you've felt this type of insecurities. I often feel it too and I know that this is a common matter we all must share and speak of.

At first, I didn't really want to share this. Moreover, I don't want to talk about it because it triggers my anxiety. However, I got a question this morning on ask.fm. When I first read the question, it didn't really bother me that much. I mean, the question is pretty normal. But when I read it again, I realized that the question was rather so common than just normal. The realization kind of knocked me some senses that since it's a common problem, it needs to be fixed before it gets worse. Although I know for sure that fixing it is rather impossible than easy.

Sorry if I use full English in this post because I feel more comfortable talking about this kind of thing in English. So, the question was basically from a person who's afraid of looking at her or maybe his (it's an anonymous question, I couldn't really tell) reflection. The person is so insecure about their body that every time they look at themselves either in the mirror or selfies, they'll get pissed off. I can tell from the way this person was so desperate to gain confidence that she/he really thinks their body is an unattractive piece of creature. That saddens me. But before I go on, I would really like all of you to understand that everyone is beautiful and I want you all to learn a little definition of the word beautiful.

Meriam-Webster Dictionary said that the word beauty is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind of spirit.

Agreeing with that, Oxford online dictionary (since I'm too lazy to search on the printed one) stated that beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses especially the eyes.

And when I roamed around on the Urban Dictionary website, I found an interesting fact that there's an Italian painter named Carlotti who defines beauty as the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away, or altered.

Analyzing from all those statements, beauty isn't really something that is concrete. We can see it but can't actually make a true form out of it. So that goes the same with the word beautiful. It's a very relative term and it's too abstract to just throw one meaning and generalize everything by that one meaning. We know better than to take a small portion of information and make it as a true description of a whole thing.

Beauty is indeed something that gives our senses happiness and pleasure. It comes in different shapes and forms. Beauty can be the landscape you see when you're standing on a windy beach. Beauty can also be the view of the clouds that you see when you're flying on the plane. Beauty is a relative thing. To you, maybe the sky is the definition of beauty. But to others, the sea maybe their definition. That way, we can't really use the word beauty on people because each one of us has our own picture of what a beautiful person looks like. And we also can't use our definition or others' definition to judge each other's statement on the word beauty or beautiful.

So, I want you to all understand that before I go on.

Random portrait of me, LOL;)
Now, I would like to tell you a little story relating to this topic.

In 2014, I joined a debating competition. Luckily, I got the position of the best speaker and was sent to Bandung as a representative for Bekasi. The experience was amazing, I'm not going to lie. But that's for another time. What I got from the experience was even more incredible. So, I remember having the last round of debate for the second night with a motion saying something about beauty standards based on commercialized beauty products. As a debater, I had to list down and find out what beauty means and all the bits and pieces that would support my arguments. Then, I also had to state the effect of beauty products or cosmetics commercials have on people if the company constantly use it as just a huge gimmick to gain profit.

Here is an interesting thing about marketing. Sometimes, the product a company sells does not really give that desired impact. Take a face wash product for example. Commercials usually use models that already have flawless skin. The product won't really have an impact on them because their skin don't really need additional treatments from the chemicals in the product. The company just wants us to believe that by using their product we all can get an incredible, flawless face like the models in the commercials. They need people to feel persuaded to buy the stuff they sell. Yes, sometimes the product really gives us an incredible impact but for most of the times it really is just to boost the company's incomes. That's marketing.

What we don't realize is that the standard of beauty they implicitly put out there can affect a lot of people's mindsets, especially teenagers' and little kids'. It's like saying that the models they use are what beauty really looks like. And we, being naturally insecure people, believe in that implicit message easily and in fact, most of us live by it. Flawless skin, light-colored skin, full lips, pointy nose, symmetrical face, all those features they sell out there that we often call 'perfect' becomes our definition and standard of beauty. They become the 'goals' we constantly promoting. Well, our society constantly promoting. I'm not going to be a hypocrite on this. Those models are beautiful. But so are all of us.

Yes, having a body like one of those models is a dream. I mean, we all just want people to look at us as a piece of art. But art is a unique thing, often confusing and hard to understand, and in fact, art is not just beautiful. We crave people's compliments so much that we end up living and fulfilling our society's measurement of beauty. We end up forgetting that we need to have our own definition of beauty. We end up ignoring the fact that beauty is one of the example of relativity theory.

There is nothing wrong with having a certain person's body and figure as your goal and your definition of being beautiful. But once it gets too obsessive and triggers your insecurities and anxieties and makes you question yourself worth, you have got to stop. You have to accept yourself and love yourself and embrace yourself. And most importantly, tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Back to the marketing thing.

So, companies must use models with imperfections? Now tell me, what does imperfection mean? And who are you to tell someone if they're perfect or not? I just want companies and all those people in the cosmetic or beauty products industries have a real example for a real result in order to benefit both parties. However, there's a standard procedure on marketing a product. So, since I'm no expert on that, I'm going to have to stop commenting on it so people won't take my comments as shapes of complains. I don't complain. I just analyze thing and if I find something wrong I believe correcting it will do more good than harm.

Anyway, let's get back to talking about what beauty is.

I don't consider myself as a beautiful person. But I do see myself as a unique one. Understanding that concept has taken me years. My body is not a model type, my face is also not a model face, my thoughts aren't always pleasuring, my interests are often different from most people. I just have a very unique way of living and seeing myself and things and other people. And I guess unique is my synonym for the word beautiful. However, it has taken me years to let that concept sink.

I have gone through phases of questioning my own values. I have asked questions to myself whether I am pretty or not. I have also wondered about being liked and admired by people. I crave as many compliments as most of you do too. I do like it when people tell good things about me or describe me in words I tend to be afraid of using. But I don't lulled on that. Because compliments can be great and heartwarming at times but if I believe in those too much I will most likely lose my ground and instead of boosting my self esteem I will end up losing it to cockiness.

Therefore, believe in yourself and believe that you're beautiful regardless how many people tell you so or otherwise. You're the best thing God has ever created on Earth. Let that sink in and take deep breath so that you don't go bashing yourself. Don't ever compare yourself to anyone else. Putting someone as your role model is fine. But losing yourself trying to be a copy of them is not. Be super careful and be cautious in achieving the standard of beauty. Bettering yourself is a must but you've got to also appreciate what God has blessed you with and the things you've already mastered and got. You have to always remember that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. WE ALL ARE.

That being said, please don't be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror and take selfies. Embrace all your spots, freckles, and imperfections. Place them in your definition of beauty. You're different, you're unique, you're a masterpiece, and you're beautiful. Don't let anyone, not even the demons in your, tell you otherwise.

See you, beautiful:) Have an amazing day and I hope this helps...

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