Semester Ganjil Kedua

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Been a long time since the last blog post...
Things have turned upside down, inside out. It has been such a rollercoaster ride since the very last post. I believed that I posted something about an art competition where I was assigned as one of the singers to a theatrical play. Good times...

I am 19 now if you are wondering. A year closer to being 20 and being an absolute, unquestionable adult.


I am terrified and yet excited, and I have no idea how those two are even possible to happen at the exact same time. I'm still single. At times I'm proud of it but around other desperate, depressed, and lonely times, I feel like I can use someone's company to save me from being too consumed in whatever business I am sacrificing myself for.

To recap the past year, here are the highlight of my 2016-2017:
  1. My grandfather passed away on December 20th 2016. And including this in this blog post might trigger back all the tidied pains. I believe that he is in a much, much better place right now. Aamiin.
  2. I spent my New Year's Eve in Singapore. It was amazing.
  3. January went by as quick as it comes. My high school had this event called the Eduday or Education Day. Year 2016 alumnus is the designated committees. I was one, but I quit because my boss sucked.
  4. I went back to college on February I believe. God, I don't know how much I love the subject of Criminal Law. It's like being the lawyer in all the crime-related TV shows. You know the thrilling sensation of putting criminals in jail so that they can serve their time. And I learn that Criminal Law is not a method of revenge, it's actually method to reduce crimes to happen in the future. All those concepts and understandings, I enjoyed my second semester very much.
  5. I got my heartbroken by my own best friend and the crush I have been having feelings for, for the past 5-6 years. Yup, it was the most painful thing to go through. I literally went to campus looking and feeling like a dead human being. All I did was cry. I lost my appetite. My life was truly looking like a piece of crap from approximately 2-3 weeks.
  6. I joined the biggest National English Competition with ALSA LC UI. I was a part of one of the most amazing, hard working committees with such admirable work ethic. It was such a good way to get my mind off of the heartbreak I had just a month before the actual event.
  7. I forgot about my crush's birthday which was somehow a relief because for the past 5-6 years I was always the first to greet him a sincere Happy Birthday. I didn't do it this year. What an improvement.
  8. My uncle passed away.
  9. June came by, Ramadan also came.
  10. I met two of the weirdest, coolest, dumbest human beings. Shoutout to Aufar Ariq or you might know him as Bang Avo and also Jake Joaquin or Bang Jake! God, I wish I can post all of their stupidity on here. But the content is too explicit. So, yeah... But we did take good pictures during our performance. It will be worth the post.
  11. I fell in love.
  12. I went to Jogja and visited UGM in August 2017 with ALSA LC UI. I met some of the greatest law students in Indonesia which was such a fruitful experiment and trip. I enjoyed all the places and foods very much. Especially Tempo Gellato! Guys, if you ever have the chance to go and visit Jogja, I recommend you to pay a quick afternoon snack in Tempo Gellato. They serve the best Gellato!!! Nutella and matcha are my favorite combination of flavors. You should definitely try it!
  13. I got my heart broken...again. It hurt so bad I couldn't even cry. It still hurts until now. However, the pain grows more bearable.
  14. I've been praying for this one specific guy for the past several months. I've been wishing for the very best to happen to him, his life, his family, all his plans in the near future. This is the guy I grow feelings for. And this is also the guy who is related to my recent heartbreak. Yes, my love life is pathetic.
  15. I was dragged into a blackhole.
  16. I survived, though. Thank God!
  17. I was a vice project officer of an internal English event held by English Development Division of ALSA LC UI 2017. The event went amazing and align with the purpose and it achieved the wanted target.
  18. I was a person-in-charge for an event for people with disabilities. I specified in the Entrepreneurship Training session where I got to see the disabled learn how to make memorendum of understanding for their future business.
  19. I am excited to put Charity Concert 2017 into real action, a charity-based event I am currently working on with my fellow good friends for this following December.
  20. I am excited for the following holiday. I need an escape.
  21. I'm like 7 months away to turning 20. I need to get my life together.
And here are some of the best moments I could capture during the past few months:


All in all, I'm beyond grateful for everything that has happened within the past 11 months. I am looking forward to what more to come...

See ya later for now!
Do stick around!

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